Barbie™ Sparkle Blast™

Barbie™ Sparkle Blast™ is a Match-3 puzzle game for iOS and Android devices.   I took part in the design process, helping the game designer with the creation of new mechanics and I was in charge of prototyping and implementing said game mechanics. I am mainly responsible for the gameplay coding using an in-house Match-3-puzzle[…]


Paradaim is a frenetic Action-RPG game with roguelike elements, dungeon crawl and cel shading aesthetics. The player needs to scape from different dungeons while fight with the enemies. The plays will be totally different each other because all the map, skills and stats will be generated at the begining of the game Paradaim have been[…]


“Work!” is a game (based on true stories) about working in a company and earn money in order to buy great items and be promoted, or[…] Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 35. I worked in the project mainly as a game programmer but also as game designer.  


Panspermia is a video game for #MalagaJam made in 48 hours . Theme: “Cities of future”. Genre: Narrative – Puzzle This is the story of the decadence of our cities and the proliferation of new species   Link: